Backpacker @ Sai Apac (Full Time) on Found. To apply download the

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Here at Sai APAC, we are a little bit different to your standard sales company in many different ways. Standing out from the crowd is something that we & all of our representatives of all ages,nations & cultures do best at! Working with individuals from almost every country in the world, we learn something new every day, creating incredible bonds, new friendships & lifelong relationships.

That’s before we have even started working!! Representing some amazing clients, together we protect tigers, whales, orangutans, dolphins& panda’s…fighting against global warming & climate change, providing health care & education to disadvantaged families, ensuring emergency care is accessible in every single part of Australia, including the outback regional areas. You can be a part of this too!

If you can even call it a job, it’s more like a free vacation! We travel all over Australia, spending our free time lazing on the beach, hitting the bars & clubs, visiting local restaurants, parks,rain forests, markets & more! Get to experience everything possible & make some awesome memories!

Don’t worry about what visa you are on, as long as it comes with full working rights in Australia, we can help you out! Backpackers especially love jobs like this as you are literally being paid for being here! As well as paying you for all the support your receive, we also pay for your accommodation & your transport! Your money will only be spent on you having fun!

Backpacker @ Sai Apac (Full Time) on Found. To apply download the Found for Job Seekers app today!

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