September 18th, 2018 Posted by Job Ads 0 thoughts on “BAR STAFF/WAITERS, LETS STOP WAITING AND START ‘DO-ING’ @ Frontie”

What if you could your favorite parts of hospitality…

The social team of like minded people
The fast-paced and busy work environment
The chance to interact with customers face to face
Without the parts you’re less excited about…

The unsociable working hours or weekend work
The uncertainty of how many shifts you’ll get that week
The limited opportunity for progression as your boss has been there five years longer than you have…
That’s why our sales contractors stopped WAITING and started DO-ING!

Represent sports and community based brands people love.
Interact with customers directly into the community through multiple channel to market.
Choose the days you contract, work is available every day.
Earn what you’re worth with uncapped commissions.
Learn and personally develop at your own pace
Take on additional leadership or coaching responsibilities if you’re a little more confident or ambitious!
If you’re up for a change, LET’S DO IT, why wait?


BAR STAFF/WAITERS, LETS STOP WAITING AND START ‘DO-ING’ @ Frontier Group Direct (Full Time) on Found. To apply download the Found for Job Seekers app today!

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