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Train to become a Communications Operator in the Australian Army. Be an essential part of Army operations, keeping the Army in touch and communicating effectively.

As a Communications Operator (also known as Communication Systems Operator), help keep the Army in touch while enjoying:

• a good salary plus generous superannuation
• ongoing investment in your personal and career development
• free medical and dental
• job security and a good work/life balance
• rewarding work and world-class training
• subsidised accommodation
• a supportive team environment
• travel and leave entitlements
• free access to sports and fitness facilities
• friendships that last a lifetime

All that plus exciting opportunities supporting Army domestic activities, including exercises and operations, with potential deployments overseas in support of Australian and coalition personnel.

Imagine working at the very heart of Army operations, using advanced communication systems to maintain contact with forces in Australia and across the world.

If you’re a good communicator with a sense of adventure and a passion for learning new skills, we’ll train you to operate high-tech systems utilising:

• radio
• fibre optics
• local area networks
• microwave, and
• satellite communications.

In the varied role of Communications Operator (Communication Systems Operator) you could find yourself working anywhere from an office to an armoured vehicle, operating the equipment that provides Army commanders with the vital information they need to plan and expedite their missions.

This is an action-packed role that puts you at the centre of the action. Better still, in the Army you’ll be working for a dynamic national organisation that offers a great lifestyle plus opportunities and experiences you simply won’t find anywhere else.

• Fully-paid training
• Once trained, starting package approx. $65,000 p.a. plus superannuation
• Numerous other benefits

• Training in Wagga Wagga, NSW and Macleod, VIC
• Then posting to any Army base or unit across Australia

Entry Requirements
• At least 17 years of age
• Australian Citizen
• Year 10 completion with passes in English and Mathematics

Medical and fitness guidelines also apply.

Ref: 170100265

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