Direct Sales Team Manager @ HelloFresh (Full Time) on Found. To a

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Ok so you’re online looking for bar work? Or maybe you wanna be a hotel clerk? Or that door man with a smirk?

It’s time to try something new, something great and true to you, something active that’ll wear out your shoe – Could it be time to join the Hello Fresh Crew?

So who are we and what do we do? The brunt of it is down to you, we deliver great produce through and through, Australian owned and grown here too! We offer great Steak for our customers to chew, and cheese that’s fresh straight from the Moo, So hit us up and jump the supermarket que, with more time at night to cook a great stew!

We work full Time and you’ll know from this rhyme that there is no crime in applying for something, you need the money…don’t whine! You’ll learn the team spirit and learn lingo like ‘Innit’ but if we’ve picked you, you’ll spin it, and there’s no doubt about it, you’ll smash it and win it!

We’ll train you, we’ll mould you, we’ll pay you and we’ll guide you.

It’s simple you see, character is key, with talking and smiling you’ll blossom like a peach tree. When you put on your uniform you’ll be filled with glee knowing that ‘the farmers are supported by Me’.

So give us a try and if you ask why? Just come be a FreshMan, and spread out your wing span, you’ll be spending your earnings on a Catamaran!

Email you’re CV and you’ll be contacted by me, I’m on a searching spree for someone who can be the next FreshMan who wants to sail the sea ☺

Direct Sales Team Manager @ HelloFresh (Full Time) on Found. To apply download the Found for Job Seekers app today!

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