How to hire for diversity and fit

How to hire for both fit and diversity

When you have a well formed team hiring new staff is not just about filling a role.

It is a battle between finding someone who’s not only capable in the role, but can also fit the current dynamic and ensure a diverse workforce.

Fitting into the team is important because it creates a positive working environment, where the team are working towards common goals.

This is not about hiring best friends, but looking at candidates who will compliment the team with their differences and build good working relationships.

Look at the weaknesses in your current team and find candidates that will fit in by filling in those gaps.

There should be a focus on diversity, with candidates of different genders and different ethnic backgrounds being considered.

When you advertise the role make sure you target the applicants you think will fit. If you want a younger response, add in information about the perks and benefits you offer. Or if you know your team could benefit from someone with certain skills, make sure this is also covered.

A trial shift is perfect for really getting to know if they will fit into your team, both on a professional and a personal level. If you want to assess their personality, encourage a natural conversation by making the process less formal.

Not all industries have an opportunity for trial shifts, but you could ask the interviewee to sit in with some of the employees. You can see how they get on with staff and also see how quickly they pick things up or if they offer any new ideas.

Also consider the opportunities when interviewing candidates. Instead of generic interview questions, specifically target your questions to find out more about how they might fit in. Not just about their interests but about their background and how they found certain experiences.

Some interview processes can also include presentations and this is particularly a feature for sales roles. Ask them to present an idea or a topic and you will learn more from this than by asking them questions on their abilities.

Having a diverse workforce is so important to create a well-rounded team full of different skills and mindsets. Equally, you need to know they will fit into the current workings of the team and work as a teamplayer. It might take a little extra time and input to find someone perfectly balanced between diversity and fit. But it will pay off so much more than picking an employee based on choosing one over the other.

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