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7 things to think about when you're looking for employees

Employers often waste time sifting through resumes and arranging interviews with people who aren’t right for the role. With these 7 things to look for in job applicants you can save time and employ the right person into your workforce.

The Australian workforce is changing

By 2025 a huge three quarters of the Australian workforce will be made up of the millennial generation. Whether you like it or not, over the next few years you will be recruiting employees who cop a bad press on a pretty regular basis.



Workforces are constantly changing and are set to change much more over the next decade. With around 75% of the workforce estimated to be made up of the millennial generation, and the introduction of Generation Z into the workforce, employers need to be ready. But they not only need to attract new employees for roles, they also need to make sure their current staff remain engaged and well-managed. Found has a bank of tips and advice to help find new staff, introduce them to the workplace and manage the workforce as a whole.

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