How losing 48% of applicants became ‘Ok’

Losing 48% of applicants became ok

How losing 48% of applicants became ‘Ok’

Remember the early ‘90s, before the internet arrived, when we called each other on landlines and wrote letters? Job ads were in the paper, and usually ended with “Please post your application to the Hiring Manager at PO Box…”

In the late ‘90s, the Job Board replaced the Careers Section of the newspaper, and the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) began its long march to dominance.

That was almost 20 years ago. The Founder of Facebook was still in high school. No one had ‘Googled’ anything. And we all caught buses and taxis (what is this ‘Uber’ thing?)

How much progress has been made since then? In Australia, more people now have access to a Smartphone than a Laptop or Desktop. And yet, we expect candidates to follow a process that’s changed little since the ‘90s.

As recruiting teams have become greater consumers of data, there’s a constant drive to collect more and more information from applicants.

Fact: The average time for a candidate to find and apply for a role through an ATS is 40 minutes.

An Uber takes 2 minutes to arrive. It takes one minute to post a Facebook status update. I can Snapchat my friends instantly. And 48% of candidates drop out during that 40 minutes.

What would happen to Uber if they didn’t turn up 48% of the time?

I have a theory why this is now “ok”. The 52% of candidates who make it through the process is usually “enough” to fill the role. And no one knows how good those candidates in the 48% really are.

Did you just bury one of your future business leaders in 40 minutes of forms?

Are you looking to start hiring? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast


Are you looking to start hiring? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


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