6 Personality Types To Avoid When Hiring

6 personality types to avoid when hiring

6 Personality Types to Avoid When Hiring

When hiring, look beyond the C.V., and consider the personality of any candidate you’re seriously evaluating.

A bad hire can impact far more of your workforce: your company morale and culture can be severely tarnished.

1. Negative Nellies

The Negative Nelly is the employee who will shoot down every idea and seem to only be able to come up with reasons why something won’t work as opposed to finding ways to make things work, often bringing everyone else in the company under their black cloud. They will never take responsibility for their own actions — or inaction, as the case may be. A loyal client up and took their business elsewhere? They will claim that it’s the client’s fault they’re hard to please. Nellies have no place in your company, and can actually cause other, better employees to want to leave.

3. Bullhead Brittanys

Stubborn, obstinate employees are inflexible and rigid in their thinking. They can’t imagine that any other idea or belief might be feasible other than their own. Bullheads will stubbornly dig their heels in every time you try to make improvements or change something in the office or office processes. These employees may choose to overlook rules you have in place favouring their own agenda, often boasting an unsupported sense of seniority. If you want to constantly have a fight of wills, hire a bullhead. Otherwise, pass on this poor personality type.

4. Indifferent Ians

Indifferent people don’t care one way or the other if a project gets done or if sales go up or down. Indifferent personality types are there to pick up a paycheck and go home. A good way to spot these employees whilst interviewing is to ask what gets them excited at work – if they can’t give an answer they are an Ian. Your best option is to let indifferent people stay home by not hiring them.

5.  Chatterbox Charlies

Don’t fall into the trap that chatterboxes are friendly and personable. At work, chatterboxes don’t get much work done because they’re busy chatting up a storm. Worse, they prevent your other employees from getting things done because they have a chatterbox standing at their desk. If you are interviewing this type of personality you may feel it hard to get a word in edgeways or that the conversation veers significantly off track. Chatterboxes should be passed over for someone who knows when to speak and when to get to work.

6. Exaggerator Ethans

It’s quite difficult to get an honest answer out of an exaggerator because they are so very fond of hyperbole. According to their C.V., it was they who actually invented Windows, not Bill Gates. It’s important to follow up on the main claim made in their C.V. to see if you’ve come across an exaggerator. Maybe they don’t like giving bad news, but if truth is valued in your organisation, skip on hiring exaggerators.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to look for when hiring than past experience. If you sense any of these personality types in your interview room, beware.

Are you looking to start hiring? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast


Are you looking to start hiring? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


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