7 things to think about when you’re looking for employees

7 things to think about when you're looking for employees

7 things to think about when you’re looking for employees

When you are looking for employees you need to make sure you get the right person in straight away.

Employers often waste time sifting through resumes and arranging interviews with people who aren’t right for the role.

With these 7 things to look for in job applicants you can save time and employ the right person into your workforce:

1. Personality and fit

New staff are coming into a team which is already formed, full of existing relationships and ways of working. You should not hire someone based on whether they will become your next best friend, but it is worth thinking about how they will fit in. Are their natural personality traits going to fit well in the role and create a good atmosphere?

2. Skills

Make sure they have the skills you need, but also look at other skills they have that could add to the team. Skills could come from work experience, but also from their own hobbies and interests. It shows great passion if they’ve spent their spare time picking up and honing these skills.

3. Experience

Don’t just see experience, or lack of, on their resume and make a decision. Unless your role really needs experience in a particular area, think whether alternative experience could be beneficial. See what transferable skills they could bring, or what they have learnt in another field that would be valuable.

4. Availability

Look at a candidate’s availability before progressing with interview processes. Do they have other commitments, such as school or another job? Would this work for the role? It takes up both your time and the job seeker’s time if you know you need full time staff but they have to work around their studies.

5. Diversity and equality

There should be a focus on diversity when you recruit. Differences in backgrounds can create a great workplace and also help reach new customer bases.

6. Lifestyle and interests

Outside of work candidates could have developed skills from their interests and hobbies. Perhaps they’ve been travelling and can bring ideas from their experience around the world. Think about asking more questions in the interview about what they like doing outside of work or what they have done.

7. Education

Think about what qualifications you need for the role and ask yourself if their qualifications are relevant. Consider whether they have a lot of education, but not enough experience, or vice versa. Sometimes it can pay off to bring in job seekers with less practical experience. Bring them in for interview and test their knowledge and skills there.

It is worth thinking about each of these aspects when you are looking for employees. It will help to create a well-rounded team and a smooth recruitment process.

Are you looking for your next perfect fit? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast


Are you looking for your next perfect hire? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


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