11 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Staff

Managing staff: Get the most out of your workforce

11 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Staff

Now that you’ve got your staff it’s time to maximise their output. These 11 actionable steps will help you create a team that works well together, and encourages hard work and dedication.

1. Understand each employee is different:

Instead of thinking of your team as a singular workforce, remember that each individual has different needs, habits and expectations. Understanding and working with these differences is key to unlocking their potential and ensuring they are a productive, healthy member of your team.

2. Manage expectations (yours and theirs):

Once you understand the differences between your team members, it’s important to establish realistic expectations of their work. This should involve clear communication and transparency between you and the worker to make sure you are both on the same page.

3. Maintain clear communication:

If you give them work, don’t just leave them to it. Ensure you give constant feedback, are there for any questions they have and keep them feeling involved.

4. Engage your workers:

Make sure your workforce is engaged. This involves including team members in the decision-making process (when appropriate) as well as encouraging input and ideas.

5. Provide a challenging environment:

No one likes working in an unchallenging, monotonous environment. Try to create a realistic challenge for your workers that fosters creativity and excitement.

6. Act like a boss – but be consistent:

Having a good relationship with the rest of your team is important, but there are times when it is necessary to be the boss. Problems arise when a manager may act like a peer at times and a boss at other times – consistency is key here.

7. Lead by example:

One of the most underrated motivational factors in a workplace is having a leader that works harder than everyone else. Leading by example promotes work ethic and can produce some great results.

8. Build ownership amongst team:

When your team feels connected to the work they are doing they will be more motivated and work harder. Try to make your workers feel connected to the work they are doing.

9. Keep your team informed:

Business leaders often have a much clearer picture of what’s going on in the company than workers. Lack of information can leave a team feeling confused or unwanted, and this erodes motivation and productivity.

10. Reward employees (not just with money):

Whilst you can reward workers with monetary compensation, verbal recognition and perks can also go a long way in motivating hard work.

11. Don’t be afraid to cut workers:

Whilst hiring the wrong worker is never the intention of an employer, cutting a worker loose is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy workplace environment.

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Are you hiring new staff? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


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