Tips on hiring students in to your workforce

Tips for employers hiring students

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics more than a third of young adults studying in 2011 were working part time hours. This figure has been on the rise since 1976 when it was just 10%.

Hourly jobs in particular are ideal for students to pick up some extra money. If you are an employer who hires, or is thinking of hiring, students, there are some tips you need to consider.

Be flexible

Students don’t just have to worry about working around classes. They need adequate time to study, complete their coursework and do all the normal things that everyone else has to do, like see friends and family.

At the same time, they want to have enough hours that makes it worth having a job on the side. As an employer you should work with the student to plan a shift schedule that works for both of you. You also need to know that students can live very “last-minute” lives. Whether it’s an extra deadline or a meeting with friends, changes happen. If you can be flexible and work around it, you will keep your staff for longer.


Students can be a great asset to have while they are still learning. Younger students are great to mould and can become valuable members of the team over the long term if you create an environment they feel comfortable in.

It might even be their first job, so keeping them in discussions and in a less formal setting would be really beneficial in retaining them. As students they might be living a more social and diverse lifestyle as well. Keeping the workplace light and friendly is a great idea.


Make sure your new employee is fully trained when they start. If they’re taking on two or three shifts a week it might take some extra time to pick up the routine than if they were working full time.

Train them fully and it will save you time in the future. They might continue to have questions, but providing adequate training at the start makes that process simpler. They will feel more secure earlier on if they know they have been shown everything. There is nothing more daunting than being thrown into work feeling like you haven’t been trained properly.


Keep them aware of your expectations and let them know if anything needs changing. Students are constantly receiving feedback from college or university and will expect the same at work. They will be able to react with effective changes or ideas, or will appreciate any praise you give them.

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