Why it could be taking too long to hire staff

Why it could be taking too long to hire staff

With building job ads, reviewing resumes and interview processes, filling vacancies in your team can be time consuming.

For many businesses it is important to get new staff in quickly, particularly in retail and hospitality where shift work and a high staff turnover is common.

A huge problem with most recruitment processes is the job advert itself. It needs to both accurately describe the role, but also be attractive enough to bring in a large number of applicants for your role, so that by the time you’ve filtered through with screening, interviews and maybe trial shifts, you have good candidates left at the end.

You don’t want to run the risk of repeating the recruitment process just because you didn’t do the advert properly and attract enough people the first time.

We’ve prepared some top tips to help you be better prepared for your next hiring process.

The job title

When you write you job advert, a clear, concise job title is much better than squeezing in too much information. Anything confusing will turn potential great applicants away, because they do not fully understand what the role would include. You also need to think about what job seekers will be searching on the internet. Think about keywords and get those in the title.

The job description

Your description needs to clearly explain what the role will include. You don’t want to waste your own time by having to filter through applicants who don’t have the qualifications you need because you didn’t include it. You also need to make sure applicants know what hours they will be expected to work or if you require someone with experience. By not mentioning certain details you will attract applicants who don’t have the certifications you need, or who can’t work the right hours, or who don’t have the experience you require.

Extra information

Aside from the important information regarding the role, job seekers are looking for other key things in a description. You need to add in that extra information to really attract those applicants. Where will they be working? Will they need to travel as part of the role? How much is the pay? You can also add in extra benefits the company offers, such as team trips or incentives. Applicants want to know this is a place they can enjoy working, as well as it being a fit for their skills or qualifications.

Mobile friendly

Mobile phones in Australia now outnumber the people. In today’s world everything needs to be mobile friendly. The majority of job seekers will be using their mobiles to search for jobs. Your ad needs to be quick and easy to apply to, but still able to get all the information you need. Most seekers will simply give up if the application isn’t mobile friendly.

Response time

Job seekers who are really searching for their next job are applying for more than one. Once you’ve got your applicants, make sure you get back to them quickly. It not only speeds up the process for you, but also lessens the risk of losing great applicants and having to keep searching.

Save time in recruiting and get your business fully staffed in no time by really thinking about your job ad and recruitment process.

Found helps you create an attractive advert, in a really simple mobile-friendly process, which is perfect for both employers and job seekers.

Are you looking to speed up your hiring process? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


Are you looking to speed up your hiring process? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


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