What employees really value at work

What employees really value at work

Whether you’re hiring new staff or looking to improve retention rates, employees aren’t just looking at who has the best discounts or biggest table tennis table.

While fun perks are effective, they will not supercede the real long term benefits that the following will bring:


Employees want to feel appreciated for their work and this invariably includes managers providing adequate feedback.

Regular catch-ups give employers the chance to find out how the employee is getting on, if there are any issues or to provide valuable advice. Employees might want to share their views as well, and know they are heading in the right direction. They also want to know they are valued for their input and known as a real individual playing a part in the company.


A 2016 Deloitte survey showed that across the globe 63% of millennial workers thought their leadership skills weren’t being fully developed. Workers want a focus on growing the skills they have so they can progress.

Building a career and receiving support is one of the key things job seekers look for and it also maintains loyalty in your current employees. One of the reasons mentioned in the survey for employees wanting to leave their current jobs was a lack of mentoring or opportunity to progress.


Employees will appreciate a less formal structure, where there is no barrier to talking to whoever is in charge. When managers sit in separate offices and rarely talk to their employees, it can create a hierarchy where the employee feels like a ‘lesser being’. It is best to be open and available so everyone can share ideas without feeling insignificant.


Having a flexible work environment is critical to a lot of workers, particularly if they have families at home. It might be shift changes, where one week they work evenings but the week after they work daytimes. Or 9 to 5 workers could have the option of starting at 8am and finishing 4pm. Having control over their working week is something employees really value when deciding whether to stay on in their current position or to move elsewhere.

Knowing the management, being appreciated by them and being supported goes a long way. It creates a sense of loyalty which not only means they will be there for longer, but that they would be happy to go the extra mile if asked.

Are you looking for your next perfect hire? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


Are you looking for your next hire? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


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