How to create community in the workplace

How to create community in the workplace

On average, more than a third of our life is spent at work. This figure is only set to go up as the retirement age does.

It is important then that the workplace is not somewhere people dread going to.

The people we spend our working day with make a huge impact on our life and we spend so much time with them, it almost becomes a second family.

From an employee perspective, they don’t dread the place they have to spend every day and they actually make friends with people.

From an employer perspective, creating this sense of community means better retention rates and increased productivity.

Here are some great tips for fostering a great environment:

New employees

When welcoming in new employees encourage other members of the team to start speaking to them and make them feel welcome. It can be nerve wracking for new people to come into a new environment, so being as inclusive as possible is key.


If you can help it, try not to split up lunch breaks so that staff aren’t able to go at the same time. Allow them to form friendships that involve lunching together or spending breaks outside the work environment.

Team building

Extra activities outside of work can be a really great place for people to build new friendships. Some people work together for a while and discover new things about each other when they’re conversing outside the office.

Communal space

Whether it’s a stereotypical water cooler or a kitchen where everyone goes to get a drink. Create a space where people can talk while they make a drink. In today’s world it’s not unusual for employees to work miles apart, so think about a virtual space where people can instant message or share photos. If they eventually meet it’ll be like they’ve never worked apart.


Ordering in lunch, shareable snacks or a table tennis table. It’s a great way to get people chatting inside work and feeling more comfortable in their work space. A space for games are great for creating some friendly competition and a common ground to talk about.

And finally, ask yourself what kind of place you want to work. Remember it’s your workplace too!

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