How to convey your company culture in a job ad

How to convey company culture in your job ad

How to convey your company culture in a job ad

Company culture describes the environment and culture of the workplace. Some employers might not care about their workplace environment because they only believe it’s important to get the job done quickly; however, successful companies find that this attitude actually hurts profits.

Positive environments improve productivity and help businesses and employees earn more money.


According to research published on, businesses with great cultures perform 20 percent better than those that don’t. They also tend to have employees who earn more money. It isn’t necessarily because these companies pay higher starting salaries than others in their industry. Sometimes they don’t. It’s lower turnover and increased productivity that helps these happier companies compete.

With that said, conveying the company culture in job descriptions is critical for two reasons:

  • Job seekers value positive work environments. Communicating this in a job posting will increase the attractiveness of the job offer.
  • In Australia, employee turnover hovers around 23 percent and costs companies almost $4 billion in extra recruitment costs and lost productivity. Today’s employers know that employee turnover costs money, and they prefer to hire people who are likely to enjoy their jobs, coworkers, and surroundings.


It’s pretty obvious that job descriptions should include more than just actual tasks and required skills; also, they should promote the investment in employee happiness that a company makes. By following these three suggestions, employers can give job seekers a chance to understand their business culture:

Be direct and clear:

Don’t be afraid to introduce your job listing with a paragraph or two about your culture.You might even include some direct testimonials from current employees who perform a similar job.

Also, emphasise that you’ve included this section to let job seekers know why they would like to work at this company. Your clarity will also reflect well upon your business.

Consider what you have:

Google is one example of a company that has grown famous for its positive work climate.

According to Fast Company, perks like free food and gym memberships were no accident but part of a deliberate strategy to attract and retain top talent.

Not every company can invest in a work culture like Google has; however, even an entry-level job may offer paid training, internal promotions, employee discounts, flexible work schedules, and a great location. Find out why current employees like their jobs and start there.

Use the right media for job postings:

Quite simply, if you’re looking for younger workers, and even some older ones, you need to use mobile apps for job listings.

Eighty-seven percent of mobile device users say that they have their phones by their side 24 hours a day and are more likely to check online with them than with a laptop or desktop.

They’re more likely to use employment apps and mobile sites than to read newspaper listings or even listings on traditional job sites.

Younger workers also like using mobile apps for work, so your use of one for job listing is another way to demonstrate that your culture is in tune with their preferences. Postings that reflect a positive company culture will attract the right type of employees.

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