How to have feedback sessions with your employees

How to have feedback sessions with your employees

How to have feedback sessions with your employees

One of the key things that staff say keeps them motivated at work is having frequent feedback sessions.

Communication is a big factor in not only retaining staff, but in keeping them motivated and productive as well.

Employees value being openly appreciated and praised on their good work. They also expect to be guided if they are not doing as well as they should be.

Feedback sessions are not just there for staff. It gives the employer the opportunity to advise employees to do something differently, and to hear any thoughts or ideas they might have.

It’s important that these sessions are not just once a year. They should be quick, frequent sessions, which happen maybe once a week or once a fortnight. This way you can keep on top of issues as they arise, praise your staff for work they’ve done recently and they will feel more like the informal catch-ups they are meant to be.

Because they should feel informal and relaxed, rather than a review of employees, you can vary your sessions depending on the size of the team and the needs.

Either hold them with one person at a time, so that you’re each free to talk openly, or hold group sessions.

This can work for smaller teams particularly well, as it maintains the sense of community you should be striving for. They are great if the team have worked together on something, whether it be a project or a particularly busy few days. They will want to hear how they have worked as a whole and it will keep them motivated to continue working together. It can also be helpful for discussions to figure out new processes which work better than the current way of doing things.

Regardless of whether they are group sessions or one-on-one chats, they should be informal discussions with feedback from both the employer and the employee.

While it is neither possible nor productive to hold purely positive feedback sessions, employees will appreciate open and honest feedback with the opportunity for talking it through. Keep this going and you will find your staff remain motivated and loyal.

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