Top tips to maintain employee engagement

Top tips to maintain employee engagement

Top tips to maintain employee engagement

Employee engagement is crucial for a productive and loyal workforce.

Employees who were once passionate and hard-working can become disengaged if not managed correctly.

Disengaged employees no longer see a purpose in their work and are therefore content with not giving 100%.

Very often it can affect their relationship with other members of staff and a bitterness begins to grow, making the workplace uncomfortable. Disliking work can also affect their personal life and mental health.

One way to keep your staff engaged is holding constant feedback sessions. Continue to have discussions with each employee and encourage them to be open with any issues they have.

Feedback sessions are an opportunity for you both to be on the same page. Once they have outlined their concerns it is important for you to offer solutions so they know you have listened to them.

Either through one-to-one chats or casually in the workplace, you should be giving praise. It is important to let your staff know when they do things well. If they only hear from you when they have done something wrong, this is the only thing that will stick in their mind.

If you do have to guide them to do things a different way, give them encouragement so they feel more confident trying it. The more they feel like a failure, the more disengaged they will become.

Furthermore, if you notice an employee is carrying out their work without any enthusiasm, it might be time to offer them different tasks. Employees can become disengaged when they feel their work has become a mundane repetitive task.

Find new challenges for them or see if they can take on extra responsibility. Guide them through it so they feel that you care about their progress and that you have not merely dumped more work onto their lap.

Finally, think about incentives and perks you can offer your team. Give them targets to reach for to keep them feeling motivated and reward them when they do reach them.

Employees really respond to employers giving something back to them. Whether it’s incentives for targets, or perks in the office, it shows a level of appreciation for the staff, who will be more committed to working hard in return.

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