Modern day communication at work: How it’s changed the workforce

Modern day communication: how it's changed the workforce

Modern day communication at work: How it’s changed the workforce

Instant communication may be linked to the millennial generation and instant gratification, but it has also transformed the way we work.

Modern day communication includes channels designed for employees to instant message, like Slack, or it could also include the use of social media or technology like Skype.

Years ago people at work would have communicated with phone calls or emails, but today is a very different world.

With most people using social media in their personal life, employees are more aware than ever of what their colleagues are doing. It has created a different atmosphere in the workplace, even without the introduction of instant messaging services at work.

While it can be associated with encouraging procrastination, the new way we communicate has become ingrained in work culture.

Here are 5 ways modern day communication has changed the workforce:

1. Big companies feel like smaller companies

With companies often spread around over different sites, or different floors, you can communicate as easily as if they were sitting next to you

2. Efficient

Instead of stopping what you’re doing and calling, or visiting the next floor up, you can send over a quick message and carry on working while you wait for their response

3. Reach

You can send out a group message to all employees, limit to a few employees, or just send to one person

4. Customer satisfaction

Many businesses have social media pages now, where customers can instant message the business itself. It allows for fast responses and happier customers!

5. Less formality

Communication between colleagues is now much less formal than it once was. It consists of emojis, gifs, and snapchats, as well as the odd joke sent around.


Modern day communication has changed the workplace by making certain processes more efficient, but also by making communication more casual.

It can be considered an additional tool for distraction, but it also gives employees easier access to sharing information and faster communication.

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