What perks do job seekers really want?

What perks do job seekers really want?

When looking for a new employee, it’s not just about looking for which candidate fits certain experience and qualifications.

To attract candidates to your roles you need to have that extra edge that makes yours the best option to work for. Job seekers want to know they will not only be able to do the role, but will also enjoy working there.

Employee perks are a great incentive for new staff to join and can also give you a higher chance of keeping your current employees for longer.

Here are some of the best perks that job seekers are looking for:

Food and drink

Whether it’s a stipend to purchase from the workplace itself, or the office has a constant supply, offering food and drink is a popular choice. Knowing that you’re looking out for them with this gesture will ensure they feel content.


Work can be stressful. A lot of companies are now trying to combat this by making the workplace more fun. Table tennis, table football, or even a few packs of cards lying around the break room, can be great stress relievers. Working in a laid back environment keeps employees motivated and happy to work.


Workers in retail or hospitality really appreciate discounts where they work. Job seekers applying for roles will want to know if they get a discount and how much it is. Employees will go the extra mile for companies who are giving something back to the people that spend so much time selling their products.

Dress code

It might not sound important, but the freedom to wear casual clothes is something that attracts employees. This isn’t always possible, particularly if the role is working with customers. But many places now are ditching the formal wear for a more relaxed approach, and it makes an employee feel much more at home.

Flexible shifts

Keeping a work-life balance is important to most workers, and knowing they have a flexible shift pattern is a big step towards that. This could be for staff who want to change their shifts each week, or for full time workers who want to start and finish earlier two days a week, or it could just be longer breaks. If you show you can appreciate your worker by being flexible with working patterns, it is a huge perk.

It can be beneficial to include perks in job descriptions, as well as make it clear during the interview.

Perks are not just for the employee. From an employer’s point of view they can attract high quality candidates, increase productivity and improve staff retention.

Are you looking for your next employee? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


Are you looking for your next employee? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


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