Face 2 face sales reps @ Dodo. (Full Time)

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What is the job ?

We set up a booth/kiosk in local shopping centres and sign people across to the NBN network that is rolling out across the country between now and 2020.

What is the NBN ?

The NBN is an upgrade to Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure. Fibre optic cable technology will replace some of the existing copper wire and hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) networks. The NBN is a Government-owned company established to build and manage this infrastructure network rollout across Australia.
This means that the customer pays less for the Internet and gets speeds that are more than 3 times faster than ADSL 2.

What does that mean for us as sales people?

Basically every business and house HAVE TO sign across to this once their suburb becomes active or they will be without Internet, phone and alarm.
Dodo just so happen to have the best prices in the country so the sales are not difficult .

What will I have to do ?

Speak to people as they walk past our kiosk and ask them if they would like to see if they are NBN ready, if they are keen then we simply enter their details into our iPad and if it gives us the green light we then sign them across.

Who should apply ?

Anyone that’s comfortable being proactive and speaking to people all day enticing them to check if they are NBN ready.

What’s the pay like ?

This is the best part . We have 38 reps doing this around the country and the average weekly income per person is $913 ! Top sales people generally make $1600-$2000 + !!

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