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Found seamlessly connects employers with qualified, local staff. We save businesses precious time, thanks to our simple but powerful platform. Hire cooks with Found to see how easy your hiring can be.

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Found’s unique hiring platform will transform how you find your next cook:


Post your job ad in three easy steps using our custom forms.


80% of employers find quality cooks on Found within a week.


Filter applications by specific experience as a cook, qualifications and much more.


Don’t just wait for applications, target and headhunt the ideal cooks for your business.

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Post your next job ad in the time it takes to make a coffee with Found’s easy to use platform. Keep track of applications and centralise your recruitment process. Gain access to a growing talent pool of skilled cooks.


Filter and headhunt candidates based on previous experience as a cook, certifications, location and key words. Our platform for jobseekers is 100% mobile, ensuring you can hire cooks faster than ever before.

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Leading employers hire using Found

Businesses are connecting with qualified cooks all over Australia thanks to Found’s unique features. The Sydney Collective, the Intercontinental Hotel Group and Domino’s are just a few of the hospitality businesses which are hiring better and faster using Found.

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You can scan applications at a glance with Found’s easy-to-read profile layout. Receive applications to your inbox or go a step further, target the cooks that meet your requirements and invite them to apply for your role.


Enhance your interviewing process using the in-app chat function. Found gives you the tools to make your next cook hire on more than just a hunch.

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