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How 2017 can be the year you go mobile for hiring

December 16th, 2016 Posted by Employer Blog 0 thoughts on “How 2017 can be the year you go mobile for hiring”

Millennials have gone mobile. They spend an average of 90 hours per month on smartphone apps. But there’s a huge gap between the usage rate of mobile to find jobs and the percentage of companies that use mobile to recruit.

64% have used mobile to search for job opportunities.

45% have used mobile to apply for a job.

But a survey by LinkedIn showed only 13% of employers have invested in mobile friendly recruiting. If you’re hiring millennials and missing out on mobile as a recruitment strategy, you’re leaving talent on the table. But how can you capture this market?


Step 1: Reduce The Questions

Be honest you only look at a few key bits of information from a Job Seeker so that’s all you should ask. Requesting the same information in multiple locations on forms frustrates candidates and disrupts the flow of the application process.

A study conducted by Talent Board reported a case study where taking out questions reduced drop off rate, from 40% to just 12%. Remember that Job Seekers are busy researching, networking and applying. They deserve to have their time constraints respected by employers. Be sure that all the information you are asking for at this stage in the recruitment process is necessary.


Step 2:  Use A Mobile Platform

Load your jobs onto a mobile hiring platform. This will skip the need for your company to investment in its own mobile hiring app. 15 million Australians use smartphones. A recent survey confirms that more people have online access via their smartphones than they do via a PC.

If you’re already using a mobile hiring platform such as Found, try adding all of your job openings to the platform in 2017. Over 90% of people are predicted to have a smartphone by 2020. By using a mobile hiring platform for more of your hiring needs you’ll be well placed to access this market for years to come


Step 3: Make Sure Your Website is Mobile

Make sure your company website is mobile-friendly. There’s no longer any excuse for not doing so. Most DIY website builders offer an automatic mobile extension, so the process is easy even for non-techies. If you have a site designer who hasn’t yet made sure you have a mobile-friendly site, it’s time to get them busy. If you aren’t sure whether your site is optimised for mobile viewing, simply test it yourself. Use your smartphone or tablet to browse the Internet for your company site. An audit like this of your online presence can reveal important information about how you come across to those you are seeking to recruit.

You’re just a few steps away from reaching a vastly larger audience for your company’s recruitment needs. Mobile is the future, and it’s already here.

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