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Train to become a Hydrographic Surveyor in the Australian Navy. Contribute to the production of nautical charts and Defence geospatial products to enable the safe passage of world shipping.

As a Hydrographic Surveyor (also known as Hydrographic Surveying Sailor) in the Navy, help map the world’s oceans while enjoying:

• a good salary plus generous superannuation
• ongoing investment in your personal and career development
• free medical and dental
• job security and a good work/life balance
• rewarding work and world-class training
• subsidised accommodation
• a supportive team environment
• travel and leave entitlements
• free access to sports and fitness facilities
• friendships that last a lifetime

All that plus meaningful experiences such as joining humanitarian missions and supporting communities in need.

Imagine ‘driving’ a submarine at 20 knots without knowing the shape of the seafloor. Or steering a warship into a harbour without being aware of local shoals and reefs, and the state of the tide.

Every sailor knows that accurate and detailed charts are essential tools for safe navigation and pilotage. The Navy has always had a responsibility to collect, analyse and publish the ‘hydrographic’ data that fills those charts, which are now in electronic form as well as paper.

This important work ensures the safety of world shipping.

As a Hydrographic Surveyor (Hydrographic Surveying Sailor) aboard a Navy survey ship, you’ll share the responsibility for mapping one eighth of the Earth’s surface. In this rewarding hydrographic and geospatial orientated role you’ll use sophisticated equipment to:

• monitor, record and process positions and depths
• confirm seabed textures and compositions
• monitor, record, process and interpret tides, and
• assist in the production of Rapid Environmental Assessment products for use by the Defence organisation.

When you join the Navy and successfully complete the recruit and initial category training, you will be employed initially with the title Hydrographic Systems Operator.

With no prior knowledge necessary, you’ll be trained by experts, work with advanced technology, and learn skills across a broad range of technical disciplines. Better still, you’ll be working for a dynamic organisation that offers a great lifestyle plus opportunities you simply won’t find anywhere else.


• Fully-paid trade training
• Once trained, starting package approx. $63,500 p.a. plus superannuation
• Numerous other benefits


• Any fleet unit or shore establishment in Australia
• Much of your time will be spent at sea

Entry Requirements

• At least 17 years of age
• Australian Citizen
• Year 10 completion with passes in English, Maths and Science (preferably with Physics content)

Medical and fitness guidelines also apply.

Ref: 170100255

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