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Tips to focus your resume for the job you want

Focusing your resume on the job you want can yield better results than using the same generic resume for every application. Likewise, applying to every job is not the best method: Focusing your search and your resume is crucial to landing the job you really want.

Change in the workplace is something inevitable at any stage of a company’s life. It could be something small, like where the desks are positioned, or it could be adding new tasks to your workload or changing the processes you’ve been following for months.



Right from the job applications at the start of your job hunt, to thinking about where your long-term job can take you next, careers are a minefield. Whether you’re a first time job seeker nervous about interviews, or an established member of staff, Found has compiled advice for all stages of your career. With tips on what questions you should be asking an employer to advice on changing your career, you can make sure you’re in the right job for you.

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