How to choose a career perfect for you

How to choose a career perfect for you

How to choose a career perfect for you

Your career choice could define the rest of your working life, so it is important you make the right decision.

Whether you are switching to a new career or this is your first, there are questions you need to ask yourself.

What have I enjoyed doing in the past?

Maybe from experience you know you enjoy customer service, or writing, or cooking… It is worthwhile looking at careers where you will enjoy what you are doing. It will come across in your work and will ensure you stay motivated and happy.

What experience have I already got?

Think about what experience you have, whether it’s from your current career or from weekend jobs while you were studying. What jobs are there that you can bring this experience into?

What do I do in my spare time?

If you have any hobbies or activities that you like to do, think about roles that might interrupt them. Hospitality roles can take up evenings and weekends, office jobs take up the day – what would you rather?

Am I happy with a 9 – 5 or do I want variety?

Some people like the stability of a 9am to 5pm job, whereas others can’t stand the thought of working the same regimented hours every day. Think about what you’d be happy with and keep that in mind when applying for roles.

What education do I have?

Consider whether the career you want to go into has requirements for education and training. If this is something you can work on, look at training courses or target your education choices with your career prospects in mind. Or if you’ve already completed your education, think about where you can take what you learnt, whether it was a broad subject or specific training.

What personality traits do I have?

Personality traits can go a long way in deciding your career, and no one knows you better than you. Honestly consider whether you are impatient, easily stressed, a chatterbox, or an introvert. You could bring outgoing traits into customer-based roles; or if being outgoing seems like your worst nightmare, think about office jobs.

Interests and likes?

Maybe you love animals, or looking after children. You might be interested in current affairs, or film production, or food! Being interested in something is a good indication of what you would enjoy doing for work.

What do you want from a job?

Decide how you want to work and what you want out of a job. Think about whether you want independence in your job, or whether you like working in a big team. Do you want a career where you can continue learning and challenging yourself, or is it just about getting the biggest salary you can?

Taking time to really work out what career you want will pay off. Picking a career that you stick with will determine the people you meet, the skills you learn and your outlook on life. If you can choose a career that fits your personality, works around your lifestyle and fulfils your ambitions, you have a great chance of success.

Do you want to find your perfect career? Use Found to look at great jobs near you


Do you want to find your perfect career? Use Found to look at great jobs near you


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