Questions to ask the interviewer in a job interview

Questions to ask in a job interview

Questions to ask the interviewer in a job interview

Interviews are incredibly important, but also incredibly daunting.

They are not just important for impressing an employer. It is important that you know as much about the role and the company as you can before you start.

Once the interviewer’s questions are over with, they will usually ask: “Do you have any questions for me?”

It is easy at this point for panic to set in, for your mind to go blank, and to finish with a shake of the head.

But it is so important to ask those questions you know you have about the role, even if you might think it’s unprofessional to ask them.

Go in with these questions and let your panic be replaced by confidence!


Most interviewees are nervous about asking this question. You don’t want to come across that you only care about the money. But realistically, everyone needs to know how much the salary is and how often they get paid. There are bills to pay, there are meals to buy and you need to work out if you can afford to do these things. The employer would rather you know this sooner, before you start working and realise your cost of living is too high for the salary.

Working hours

Find out what your expected working hours will be each week, if they are set hours or shift patterns. People have other responsibilities, whether it be family, another job or studying. You need to know whether the working hours are manageable before you commit to them. You could also ask if the hours are negotiable or if there is overtime.

Your role

Ask what an average day would look like for you. For you this helps to analyse how much the employer really knows about the role and how closely they work with the team. It also means you can fully understand exactly what is expected of you and if you really think you will enjoy the role.

From this you could also ask about the opportunity for progression and training, or if you might be expected to take on other responsibilities or work closely with other roles.

The team

Find out more about the team you will be working in. It is useful to understand the structure of the team and how you fit into it. You can then go into the role knowing how the team works and not spend two weeks trying to figure it out yourself. If it is necessary you can ask about higher up in the company and how much contact you might have with managers.

Even if the employer answers some of the questions you had in mind, try to ask at least one question. Asking questions like these is not only helpful for you to understand the role, but also lets the employer know you are not merely looking for a short stint.

Are you looking for your next job? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


Are you looking for your next job? Found is dedicated to matching employers and job-seekers fast.


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