How to bag your first weekend job

Weekend jobs: How to bag yours

How to bag your first weekend job

Whether it’s for an extra income, some pocket money, or the experience, weekend jobs are highly sought after.

However with the rise of in people working more than one job, there are many other people in the same position.

Hundreds of young people are applying for weekend shifts or summer shifts, particularly at large retail or food chains.

We’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips to help you bag that job and start earning extra cash.


Make sure your profile stands out, with relevant interests and skills you have.

Skills don’t have to be through experience at work. Think about any hobbies or interests that have helped you develop skills or demonstrate your passion for something.


Before you begin applying, make a list of the industries or roles you really want to target.

You can then make sure your profile directly addresses the requirements or interests needed for these roles.


Even if this is your first job, don’t leave your references section blank.

Relatives, family friends or school teachers can be included. It is better to apply for jobs with a fully completed profile.


If you are employed as a casual weekend worker you need to be aware of what to expect with your wages.

As well as your hourly pay you should expect to receive a casual loading based on your award, which could be up to 15 – 25%. There are usually higher rates of pay over the weekend and if you end up working public holidays, as well.


It is often worth finding out if you can do a trial shift.

Trial shifts are usually unpaid, but are a great way for you to demonstrate your skills and pick up some tips. It is important for you to know that you cannot do more than one trial shift unpaid, as stated by the Australian FairWork requirements.

While you do lose your weekends and you have to be sure you can commit to the hours, weekend work can be a really fantastic stepping stone to a new career.

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