What are the best jobs for teens with no experience?

What are the best jobs for teens?

What are the best jobs for teens with no experience?

Jobs for teenagers are ideal for gaining some early experience, learning important skills and earning money.

Still being at school, however, you are limited to where you can go and what you can do.

It also means you need to work around current commitments, like school and homework, and you should be aware you will have less time for socialising.

While many jobs have age restrictions, there are some industries that are perfect for teens:


The retail industry often has roles that can be taken on by younger members of staff. Weekends and summer holidays are busy periods and shops will recruit extra staff for these times.


The same goes for supermarkets. Stores like this will also have training programmes in place and the possibility of moving through different roles.

Fast food

Fast food restaurants often recruit teenagers and they also usually offer training and progression. Industries like these are so used to hiring students they will know how to be flexible and manage younger staff.

Local, small businesses

Take a look around your local suburbs at businesses which already have young employees. Chances are, they’ll be hiring on a regular basis.

When it comes to finding your first job think about how much attention you can draw to your application.

Your profile should include skills and interests that let the employer know what you are like.

It can often pay to walk into stores or restaurants in person, showing how proactive you are. Check to see if they have seen your application and demonstrate how interested you really are in the job.

It might be worth even to do an unpaid trial shift. In some cases you will be able to prove what an asset you are and secure an offer to take you on.

If they don’t, make sure you have learnt skills you can take somewhere else. If you get work experience in a cafe, ask them to teach you how to make a coffee: don’t spend the whole week wiping tables.

It’s also fine to use connections you already have. Either if a family member or family friend has their own business you can work in, or if they can refer you at their place of work, ask them.

It is daunting trying to find your first job as a teen, particularly when it comes to dealing with rejection or not getting any answers. But there are jobs out there and the independence and skills you gain will be worth the effort.

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Are you a teen looking for work? Found is dedicated to finding you great, local jobs


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