Startups vs corporates: What’s the difference?

Startups vs corporates

Startups vs corporates: What’s the difference?

More and more job seekers are looking for startup companies to work for over bigger corporations, despite taking a pay cut.

For some people, they are looking for more relaxed working environments and the chance to be part of something growing.

Other people prefer the busy, professional atmosphere of a large company and jump at the chance to work at a big corporate.

Do they really have that much difference between them?


Startups are usually more relaxed and informal with much smaller teams than larger companies. They are also known for their casual office styles and layouts. While many corporates may now be embracing a more casual style, workers are usually dressed formally and have a clear working office space.

Employee impact:

Smaller teams mean each employee’s input is vital. Startups rely on each person’s ability perhaps more than a corporation, where there are so many employees that workloads can be better spread around.


In a startup things are still new and evolving, so the team has to be flexible. Everyone can pitch in ideas and be involved in different areas of the company. This is different to corporate companies where employees are more likely to stick to their own role.


Corporations have processes in place to teach you and develop you towards career progression. While you certainly learn and develop in a startup, you are more likely to do so through doing the job and finding out what works and what doesn’t work.


With the developing startups, you need to stay on top of changes and remain flexible. Nothing is certain and your processes might change completely by the end of the day. In corporations, you are stable and certain of what your work is and how you do it.

It is important as a job seeker to understand the various types of work environment. While one might sound unbearable to one job seeker, it will be completely different for another. It might take experiencing both these styles of workforce to really assess where you belong.

Do you belong in a startup or a corporate? Found has workforces for everyone


Do you belong in a startup or a corporate? Found has workforces for everyone


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