What to do when you don’t want a career

What to do when you don't want a career

What to do when you don’t want a career

Finding a career isn’t for everybody. While some people are fully career driven and want a job where they can progress, others aren’t interested.

With such a focus on careers and development, what happens when you just want to find an enjoyable job that pays the bills?

It might be because you’re still enjoying your youth, or because you want to work but haven’t figured out what you want to do forever, or because you just want to save to go travelling.

Whatever the reason, here are 5 things you can do when you don’t want a career:


If you don’t want a career, or even a job, you can volunteer at charities or at events. It gives you some experience in case you do want to work some day, and also gives you the independence and motivation you get from a job.

Part time:

Working part time gives you the flexibility and freedom you might be worried you wouldn’t have if you had a career. You still get paid, and there are a variety of part time hours on offer, so you can look for as few or as many hours as you like. Read job descriptions carefully so you know which hours you are agreeing to, or if the hours are flexible.


If freedom and flexibility is really important to you casual hours might be perfect. While it can be frustrating for many people not knowing exactly when their next shift will be, it is great for people who are looking for flexibility. Make sure you know for certain whether the role is casual with regular shifts or if you are part of a pool.


If you simply want to save some money for a trip, or you like the challenge of being in new places, temp jobs might be right for you. You agree to work for a certain amount of time, which can be anything from one day to a few months. Be sure to know how long you are agreeing to and that you can commit to that time: As a temp you will have less benefits when it comes to sick leave and holiday.

Gig work:

Jobs like driving for Uber are great because they give you the flexibility to decide when and how often you want to work. You choose your own hours and get paid for the amount you have decided to work.

Looking for a job when you don’t have a career goal in mind doesn’t have to be frustrating. Make sure you know what you want from a job if it isn’t a long term career, as well as how much you want to work. Read job descriptions carefully and be sure to confirm with employers the hours and days you are expected to work.

Do you know what kind of job you are looking for? Found has jobs of all types


Do you know what kind of job you are looking for? Found has jobs of all types


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