Make Any Job Attractive!

May 10th, 2017 Posted by Employer Blog 0 thoughts on “Make Any Job Attractive!”

When you’re trying to hire for a job that is less than exciting, you’d better be prepared to get creative. Jobs that are perceived as boring or undesirable are less likely to attract the kind of qualified candidates that you have been able to find for other roles. Here are some tips on how to make a boring job attractive to the right people.


Many things can make a job more attractive, including the perks and benefits that go along with it. Try focusing on the intangibles that might make a person prefer this job over another. Here are some to look for:

The Exposure

Will the employee have the opportunity to network and gain better exposure for a future career in the company? Sometimes employees are willing to take a lower paying, monotonous job if there’s opportunity to make important career connections.

The Working Environment

Is the office casual and lenient as far as dress code and cubicle space? Are pets allowed to come to the office? These small benefits are considered very appealing, particularly to the millennial workforce, who expect to work in a place that they don’t consider to be “uptight.”

The Hours

Are the hours perfect for working mothers who want to be home for their kids after school? Many smart women look for jobs where they can drop off their kids in the morning and be home to fix a snack and help with homework.

The Flexibility

Can the employee come in early if they choose, and go home early? If the job doesn’t currently have this flexibility, it’s possible the department manager may be willing to negotiate such a situation. Certain jobs, such as data entry, are perfect for such arrangements. Is there an opportunity to work from home one day a week? This might be a huge perk to parents or those who have to commute a long way to get to work.


If there’s no way to disguise the boring job as anything more than mundane, and there are few intangible benefits to entice applicants, focus on the future. Many low-profile boring jobs can lead to an exciting and high-paying job within the same or similar industry.

For example, a boring job of reading through slush pile manuscripts at a publishing company could eventually lead to a big city job as a top agent. A job washing hotel linen might enable that employee to work themselves up to the position of hotel manager at a big resort. Every job can lead someplace more promising. It’s up to you to figure out the best possible ultimate job, and focus on that possibility when advertising for the boring job. Try to find examples of people who started out in the lowly position and are now in positions with high salaries and respect. That will go a long way toward convincing an ambitious person that this boring job is worth more than meets the eye.

Finally, your ideal candidate shouldn’t take too much convincing. With a little prodding, if they can’t imagine how they might leverage the boring job into something more attractive down the road, they may not be right for the job. Give a nudge to candidates, but then let them allow their imaginations to take over.

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