Talent Acquisiton

Found is the next generation in Talent Acquisition putting employers and recruiters in touch with the largest candidate database in Australia via their mobile phone. With Found, attracting and hiring new talent for your business could reduce your time-to-hire and direct costs by up to 90%. We speak directly to the millennial work force and ensuring that mobile job applications are as streamlined and easy as they should be.

Recruitment Software

Found is the end-to-end mobile recruitment platform redefining Recruitment Software. We have developed the next generation hiring solution designed to help recruiters target millennial talent pools and skills through the world’s most powerful communicator.

Talent Management

Connect with your demographic seamlessly and instantly with a Talent Management platform designed for next generation hiring. You can now search Australia’s largest database dedicated to connecting your recruitment team with mobile job seekers.

Recruitment Process

Found is the simple end-to-end mobile Recruitment Process accessing your next generation candidates. We have redefined mobile hiring with a mobile Recruitment Process designed to speak directly to the millennial job seeker.

Hiring staff

Hiring staff can be easy and effective with Found. Found is the largest Australian database attracting millennial job seekers looking for a fast and efficient gateway to employment. Hiring staff online can be a time consuming and cost wasting process for recruiters. With Found, recruiters access an efficient hiring solution designed for the mobile platform and the next generation job seeker.

Applicant tracking system

Found is the leading next generation hiring specialists with an Applicant tracking system developed for recruiters to maximise productivity and minimise time and costs. Our Applicant tracking system gives recruiters the power and flexibility to manage the entire recruitment process from a single system and from a mobile interface.

Job advertisement template

Increase your recruitment efficiency with Found and utilise our Job advertisement template designed to standardise your recruitment processes and yield you faster results for lower costs and time. Found Job advertisement templates are designed to help recruiters identify and attract the candidates they are looking for and place job seekers in positions faster.

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