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About Mehrtz

Mehrtz Energy is a provider of high-quality solar power and home energy storage products. Our driving philosophy is value first, content orientated marketing.

Mehrtz is a fast-growing company, and we do not like to sit still for long. We are constantly adapting, moving, and improving. Right now we are building out our sales experience, as well as the continuing to scale our marketing and inbound lead generation efforts.

While we continue to grow month on month, we are still a startup. So chances are you’ll get your hands dirty in a bit of everything!

Because of this, you will be given the opportunity to develop countless skills and expand upon your initial responsibilities. This is an excellent opportunity to grow, with a small but efficient team.

As the company expands, we hope that so will your role with us.

Sales Team

As part of the Merhtz Sales Team, your job is absolutely vital to the company. You will be in charge of maximising the value we bring to our potential customers, while also taking advantage of every sales opportunity that comes your way.

You will build ongoing relationships with potential customers, in a friendly and helpful way.

Everyone you speak with will be familiar with our brand and will have already received countless pieces of content aimed at educating the customer. We are an inbound company!

We also make use of marketing and sales automation, streamlining your day-to-day!

That being said, everyone you come across will be a different person, with different needs and different interests. Part of your role will require you to adapt and serve these customers to the best of your abilities.

Your day to day activities will include:

– Calling potential customers to introduce them to Mehrtz, while providing to them your expertise and product knowledge.

– Managing and nurturing all current relationships with the aim of generating sales.

– Conduct follow-up calls and set your own reminders while working within our sales pipeline.

– Interacting with various pieces of software (including but not limited to: Hubspot, Asana, G-suite) to help keep track of productivity, sales volume and other important metrics.

– Helping to build out sales processes alongside the Director and the Marketing Team.

– Having fun!


– Experience in a Sales Position.

– Ambition. We want to grow, and we want you to grow with us.

– Willingness to learn about the product.

– Adaptability.

– Self-Motivation.

We hope to be talking with you soon.

Sales Team Member @ Mehrtz (Full Time) on Found. To apply download the Found for Job Seekers app today!

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