3 Things To Stand Out From The Crowd

May 3rd, 2017 Posted by Job Seeker Blog 0 thoughts on “3 Things To Stand Out From The Crowd”

With most job listings, there are often multiple candidates. When you get called in for an interview, you may be just one of a dozen candidates that the company is considering. In order to make sure that you stand out from the crowd, try doing these three things:

1. Explain Your Value

Interviewers aren’t interested in talking about all the benefits they can offer you. They may go over them so you’re informed about the position, but what they really need to know is what value you can offer the company.

Be prepared in your interview to explain in detail what specific skills and experience you can bring to the job. Your value might have to do with connections in the industry or your know-how of the other businesses you’ll be dealing with in that position. Whatever it is, be ready to offer up a reason–or several–to hire you over any other candidate.

2. Be Prepared to Give Specifics

It’s all well and good to generalise and say how you know this and that and are able to do everything the job entails. What you really need to offer in order to make you stand out from the crowd, are specifics. You need to have readily available stories and statistics that you can pull from in order to specifically detail how you were an asset to your former employer. Give details about what percentage of sales you were personally responsible for. Offer up information about how you took an extra step to help a customer.

3. See the Job From Their Standpoint

The interviewer is looking for someone who gets the job. They need someone who will check all the boxes, be responsible, and really take matters into their own hands when it comes to getting things done. If you can prove that you understand the most important part of the job, the job is yours. For example, retail is all about customer service. Hospitality jobs require helping loyal customers to keep enjoying the experience. Sales jobs require the value of a product to be clearly explained. Show you understand the role, and you’ll be the top choice.

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